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What Differentiates Us From Our Competition?

We are a service organization priding ourselves on creating unique and appropriate solutions for your company or organization. Our strength lies in quick turn around times because of the leverage we have through our diverse team members and strong affiliations with other organizations allowing us to coordinate any project and quickly research and deliver the information you need to produce results.

Our staff includes marketers, certified technicians, designers, and coding experts. Applying knowledge, guidance and expertise to each and every project that we take in. As one of the most knowledgeable, design, and marketing consultancy firms, AJ2000 offers customized solutions developed in close cooperation with our clients.

This involves accompanying the implementation of the concepts and the maintenance of solutions far beyond the point of initial implementation. AJ2000's position as a design, research and marketing strategy consultancy is based on:


Our first-class proposals and organized service packages make their own case.

We offer even more insightful advice than is available here on our web site to our clients, and make sure that such information is geared toward immediate and scalable implementation. Our clients have confidence in us, and our record of providing results reinforces that.


We develop creative and individualized solutions based upon the specific needs and the markets in which our client's efforts need to be focused on. Working with their existing marketing professionals and executive personnel allows us to explore and develop ways for our clients to utilize new perspectives on their businesses and provide more assistance to their own clientele.


We solve our clients' design, and marketing problems. We provide clear analysis and assessments on a regular basis to track and maintain our solutions and use those tools as a method to make our implemented solutions even more effective. Using the most up-to-date methods, backed by our comprehensive knowledge of the markets, we achieve exceptional results.


We recognize market trends at a very early stage, and explore them in every detail to obtain a step above and beyond our competitors. Our strategic advice is based on up-to-the-minute techniques and interdisciplinary expertise that involve innovative technologies. We are both confidant and convincing when it comes to making our case in competition with others, and we exceed the expectations of our clients.



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