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Internet Marketing Article

"Is Your Email Signature File A Fully Loaded Business Weapon?"
copyright (c) 1999, Alexander Joseph & Associates, All Rights Reserved.
by Eric Bonnici

Email Signatures are a must have weapon for your online business!

Signature files are often underutilized in the world of online marketing.
Only true Internet Marketing Soldiers use them. A well structured signature
file is a useful free weapon that you can use to promote your business,
products and services. This short article will tell you what a signature
file is, reasons to use them, tips on using them, and give you a few
examples. When you are done reading this article you will become a well
trained cyber-soldier with the skills to Fully Load your Email Signature
File and march onto the online marketing battle field ready to fight and win.

What Is A Signature File?

You can think of a sig file (signature file) as a combination of a
small classified ad and an electronic business card. When effectively
combined you will have a lethal weapon to promote your products, services,
company, special events, contests, etc. The sig file is attached to the end
of all of your outgoing email, newsgroup postings, and other areas of public
online discussion that you participate in.

Most email programs will allow you to create a sig file that will automatically
be included in all your email messages. Some better email programs will even
go a step further and allow you to create multiple email sig files. When you
send out emails you can then choose which sig would be more appropriate for
the person you are emailing. Each different sig file you have is one more
bullet for the cyber soldier in you to utilize.

Main Reasons To Use Signature Files

Overall, the most important reason to always use a signature file is because
it will generate interest in your products and services. Furthermore, it
will provide a means for prospects and customers to contact you. A sig file
will also give a chance to get free advertising every chance you can and help
to establish your company’s presence in the minds of your prospects.


1. A must have in every sig file is your name, company name, and contact info.
Be sure to include all the methods by which you wish to be reached. For example,
phone, email, web site, fax, postal address, pager, etc.

2. Be sure to include a marketing slogan or a couple line ad for your product
or service.

3. If your email program only supports one email sig file here is a suggestion
on how you can use multiple sig files. Simply create as many sig files as you
like and save them all in a text document. You can then open this text document
every time you send email. Then simply copy the sig file of your choice from the
text file and paste it into the end of your email message.

4. Many experts suggest using 4-8 lines of text for your sig file. Personally,
I tend to disagree. In fact, you can get away with a few more lines than that.
I even suggest you use some blank lines or white space to make the sig file
look nicely laid out. As a guideline use the 4-8 line rule only for
the "classified ad" portion of the sig file.

Here Are A Few Examples Of Sig Files That I Use

Example 1 ( this is our general sig file)

Eric Bonnici
519 944 9890

Alexander Joseph & Associates
Professional Web Designs & Internet Marketing
We invite you to visit our AJA Internet Marketing Resources Site!
Here you will find a wealth of FREE Resources, Articles, and Links
to web success. Http://

Example 2. (this is what we use to increase our ezine subscriber base)

Eric Bonnici
519 944 9890


AMAZING FREE REPORT: 12 Dynamic Ways To Drive Traffic
To Your Web Site And The Single Biggest Secret To Internet
Sales! Get your FREE copy right now. Http://


The previous examples basically follow the format of name, contact info, and then marketing slogan or ad. Just follow this format. Notice that by using a sig file you wont have to type your name repeatedly at the end of every email sent out.

Be creative, use good headlines in the ad part of your sig file, keep
it short, and keep testing and changing your sig files until they
genreate good results.

Signature files are useful and often under utilized by Internet
Marketers. They are simple to use and you now know how to fully load your sig file. Congratulations your are now aremed with one
more weapon to use on the battle field of online marketing.

Author, Eric Bonnici, Project Coordinator. Article copyright © Alexander Joseph & Assciates, all rights reserved.

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