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Internet Marketing Article

"Losing Your Visitors To External Links?"
by Kim Skinner

It used to be that just getting traffic to your website was success. Today that just isn't the case. To survive on the internet, marketers have to increase traffic and improve conversion ratios, requiring more accountability from marketing efforts and investments.

What does this mean?

While most of us know that exchanging links with other web sites is a great traffic building strategy, have you ever thought about this? If YOU are receiving traffic from other sites', could it be that your visitors are clicking on the external links on your page, only to be gone forever?

Of course they are! As soon as a visitor gets to your page, he sees yet ANOTHER interesting link, and *CLICK*, he's gone.

How to avoid this? It's not as difficult as you might think. Within our
site, at AdvertisingTips.Net, we offer many links to other sites.

While we wanted our visitors to use these links, and enjoy them, there WAS the problem of losing them forever.

But not anymore.

All it takes to keep them coming back to YOUR site is one small HTML tag.

Let me show you what I mean. Here is an example of a regular link:

<a href="">AN INTERESTING LINK</a>

But, what if you use THIS link instead:

<a href="" target="new">AN INTERESTING LINK</a>

What will happen when the visitor clicks on the second link?

A SECOND browser will open up! They will be taken to the next link, but the
browser that contains YOUR page remains intact.

This has probably happened to many of you at one time or another. Think back to it. Maybe you stayed within that second browser for another couple of hours, totally forgetting about the first browser.

But that's ok. Because, chances are, when your original visitor notices the first browser, and YOUR site within, he will remember where he started, and either surf within your site, or bookmark it for a later time.

Either way, this small HTML tag (target="new") gives you an opportunity to offer as many link trades as you like, while drastically reducing the chance of losing your visitors at the same time.

Kim Skinner, of AdvertisingTips.Net, is the author of "Internet Marketing Techniques That Your Competition Does Not Want You To Know." Visit her site for plenty of free tips, tricks, tools, and resources to increase your online profits.


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