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Internet Marketing Article

"How To Transform Your Web Site Visitors Into Customers With Headliner Links"
By Eric Bonnici, copyright (c) 1998, Alexander Joseph & Associates, all rights reserved.

The key to transforming your web site visitors into customers lies in getting them to take action, but how? The secret lies in your Web Site's link titles or headlines. These headlines or links should entice the visitor to seek out more information. In essence what you are doing is convincing your visitors to pull for more information, this is also called direct response.

Your visitors pull for more information by clicking on the headline links. This will work to your advantage because you are not pushing information into their face. Instead, you are stimulating their curiosity and getting them to ask questions. All other forms of media (television, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc.) constantly push information and fancy images into your face because many different companies are competing for your attention. Furthermore, you can't directly interact with other forms of media like you can on the Internet. This is why the Web is so incredibly unique, it is the only form of media that can successfully get its audience to pull for more information and directly interact with the information they see. You can't do that with Television or print media.

Quality web sites have the answers to a visitor's questions about the headlines on the web page that is linked to the headline. The page should also have several means of contacting you so they can ask you questions that the web page did not answer. This is a great way to build credibility and trust.

A professionally designed web site will have the answers to a visitor's questions. Properly designed headlines will get visitors involved with your site and guide them through the information they want. Furthermore, what all visitors want is information on a product or service they are looking for, and they are looking for the best company to provide it. Without doubt, the best company is usually the one that is an expert on the product or service the visitors are interested in. You can be the expert by providing interesting headlines combined with the information your visitor is looking for. So when you design your web site's content or information, try to think of questions your visitors would want answered, and incorporate the answers into your web pages.

The next step is to close the sale online through email or an online order form. However, not everyone is comfortable ordering online yet so don't forget to provide other means of ordering. For example, have a phone number, fax number, and/or mailing address present on your web site. These forms of communication between you and your web site visitor gives your business a personal touch and gives reassurance to people who are not too comfortable ordering with Internet technology yet.

Headline Tips: Be sure to include the following:

1. Make sure your headlines tell why something is important.

2. The headline should indicate how it will help visitors solve problems or make life easier for them (show the visitor the benefits).

3. Modify headlines that do not work until they generate results. Think of it as test marketing.

4. Finally, headlines are worthless if a web site's loading time exceeds thirty seconds. Why? Most visitors lose patience after this time and will leave the web site before it fully loads. So remember you have 30 seconds for your web site and headliner to tell your visitors what your product or service does for them.

Clearly, using good headlines that get your visitors to take action and become customers is a key factor in a successful Web Site. Congratulations, you now have Strategic Internet Marketing information that will help you transform your web site visitors into customers. I wish you all the best in using this proven advice.

Author, Eric Bonnici, Project Coordinator. Article copyright © Alexander Joseph & Assciates, all rights reserved.

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