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Internet Marketing Article

By Eric Bonnici, copyright (c) 1998, Alexander Joseph & Associates, all rights reserved.

Here is something I think you should know...


Truthfully, very few companies are generating worth while revenues selling products or services through a web site. Many intelligent business people have spent thousands of dollars on fancy web sites that show case their products and services only to find it was a total disaster. These are smart people, yet they are failing. If this sounds like your web site, or if you are thinking about setting up a web site to sell products or services, then we highly recommend you avoid using a web site to sell your products and services. This approach has been tested and it DOES NOT work (o.k. so I am exaggerating here, it will work if done properly). One of the proper techniques used to succeed with a web site is to use...


A small fraction of business web sites are making profits online.The most proven way to generate profits online is to change the focus of your web site from selling to generating leads. This is what we call The Lead Generating Web Site Technique. This technique is what the majority of profitable online businesses are using. The most successful are those publishing E-Zines in their area of expertise. You can become successful too by using the same approach. This article will help you understand how to use this proven technique. Instead of focusing on selling products and services with a web site, try focusing on using your web site to generate a list of leads. First, I will explain to you how to use your list of leads to generate profits. Second, I will tell you how to generate a list of leads. Are you ready? O.K. here we go.


A list of leads is important because most people will not buy from most web sites, especially on their first few visits to your site. In fact, most people will only visit your site once. After that they will move on to the next site and never return. They will forget about you unless you develop a method of reminding them you exist. So what you must do is generate a list of leads (also known as an opt in emailing list in the world of Internet Marketing)

With a list of leads in your hands you can regularly contact your prospects via email (or any other method you wish). This is how you can remind your web site visitors that you exist.

Once you have their contact information you can follow up by emailing them your product or service sales offers and sales letters. In fact, you can contact your leads several times (sometimes two, three, or more times) via email. This is an important benefit because most people who are going to buy will usually do so only after being contacted several times. So an important task for you is to make sure you follow up with sales letters and promotional information. This will keep your business (web site/product/service) fresh in your prospects minds. The incredible thing is that you will be establishing a permanent business presence in their minds at the same time. What happens now is that you are contacting them regularly and your business / web site WILL NOT be forgotten after only one web site visit.

A note of caution here: Do not just send out sales letters on their own or you will find that people request to be taken off of your emailing list (and legally in many areas you must comply and remove them from your email list). Instead send along useful information with your sales pitches. For example, send them useful articles in your area of expertise.


Are you wondering how to generate your list of leads? Don't worry it is an easy concept. The secret is to entice your web site visitors into giving you their contact information (name, email address, postal address, phone number, etc.) on their first visit to your site. The most important piece of contact information that you collect is their email address. You must capture the visitor's contact information, and do it quick before they leave and never return. Capturing your visitors contact information is simple, easy, and anyone can do it. All you have to do is offer your web site visitors something of real value for free in exchange for their contact information. You can collect their contact information by having them send it to you via email but the best way to do this is to have an online form available for them to fill out.

Remember you will have to entice them to email you their information or fill out an online form. Here is How:


Some things of real value that you can offer include:

1. Free reports related to your businesses' area of expertise.
2. A free monthly email newsletter.
3. A few tips emailed out each week or month.
4. Give them a coupon or discount on a product or service.
5. Give them an entry into a giveaway contest.
6. You can even send them a sample of a product in the mail.

This free information, discounts, or samples will help establish your credibility and develop a trusting relationship with your prospects. This is beneficial because it will make them more likely to buy from you in the future when you send them follow up letters.

Clearly then, providing quality free information ( coupons/discounts, or free samples), generating a contact list, and following up are the most important factors in order for you to make profits online. This is how many of today's successful web sites are exploding their profits online. At last you can do it too with THE LEAD GENERATING WEB SITE TECHNIQUE.

Author, Eric Bonnici, Project Coordinator. Article copyright © Alexander Joseph & Assciates, all rights reserved.

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