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Reciprocal Linking Report

The Number One Reason Why You Must Trade Links and Proven Strategies To Get Started Today

First Edition Feb. 2003, Revision 1 June 2003
Eric Bonnici B.Sc.
Project Coordinator
Alexander Joseph & Associates
Copyright © 2003, Alexander Joseph & Associates, All Rights Reserved.

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A study in December 2000 by Stat Market has concluded that trading links is eight times more effective at driving traffic to your site than the search engines are.

"search engines account for 6.86 percent of global referrals while Internet links accounted for 46.13 percent"

Since the release of the first edition of this report I have discovered that the conclusion from this study may not be very accurate at all. There is an article online that discusses the possible flaws in the research methods used to draw this conclusion. It is located at:

However, I believe that when people find you through search engines, they still arrive at your site by clicking on the link from the search engine’s result pages. So ultimately no matter how you look at it, links are the key to traffic to your web site.

The most common goals of all website owners is to increase traffic. There are numerous methods to acquire traffic but not all are proven to work effectively. Furthermore, of the effective methods available, some work for certain sites and they don’t work for others. What will work depends on a site's target audience. This report focuses on getting targeted traffic to your site by negotiating inbound links from other sites.

Negotiating a link from another site can be done through what is known as a link trade or more commonly referred to as reciprocal links.

Trading links is simple right?

The concept of trading links is easy to understand. Basically it is a matter of contacting other web site owners, usually via email, and asking if they would trade links with you, then adding their link to your site and they do the same for you. However, there are several factors to consider and prepare for before actually contacting the sites you would like to trade links with.

If done properly its rather effective and efficient. You obtain increased traffic, increased search engine rankings, increased chances of getting indexed free by pay submission or pay for inclusion search engines, and you network with other sites owners, just as business people do offline. You will get all these benefits of trading links when done with proper strategy.

What Are The Proper Reciprocal Linking Strategies That You Need To Know?

Several issues are involved that focus on details that experienced web developers understand and many guard with a passion.

This report is going to show you exactly how to trade links properly, offer many tips and resources, and help you avoid poor choices of sites to trade links with. This will save you time because you won’t have to learn on your own by trial and error. You are also going to get easy to follow steps on how to determine the best sites to contact and negotiate a link trade with.

Overall, with the help of this report you will be able to devise a reciprocal linking strategy and succeed at driving traffic to your site, get you noticed, and boost your sites search engine rankings.

Note: The statistic at the beginning of this report states that links account for more traffic than the search engines do is true for most sites in my opinion. The reason is that most sites do not come up in the top 10 to 20 results in the search engine rankings. If a site has been “optimized” to come up in the top results then the statistic above may not apply and the web site could get as much or even more traffic from a top ranking. Trading links following the methods in this report will help play a role in boosting your search engine rankings and traffic. I would suggest following the link trading information in this report and also find other resources to improve the search engine optimization of your web site Also note that trading links is not the only way to build links that point to your site. But that is a topic for another discussion. Ultimately, building links towards your site via reciprocal links and search engine optimization of your site is a good place to start.

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Let us return our focus to trading links and…

What Are The Three Reasons That Trading Links Increases Traffic?

There are three major and important ways trading links increases traffic to your site.First, each link pointing to your site opens a new gateway for people to find you as they surf the web. Second, trading links gives you better chances of getting listed in paid submission search engines for free. Third, when ranking your site, the search engines do link analysis as part of their algorithms. Your search engine rankings and link analysis score increases proportionally as the number of relevant quality links back to your site increases. Each of these reasons will be examined in more detail.

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