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Economical Search Engine Optimization

TheJungleMarkter offers a free course for economical search engine optimization. Learn how to get top search engine rankings using ethical and economical search engine optimization techniques.


High Search Engine Rankings

Lots of information on search engine optimization and a great newsletter too.


High Rankings Advisor

Excellent newsletter, archives and discussion forum.


I Help You Services Forums

This is an excellent discussion forum on SEO.


J.K. Bowman's Spider Food

This web site is an excellent guide covering the important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Very helpful discussion forums too. - A guide to Internet marketing articles and tools.


Search Engine Guide

Daily search engine news, information on search engine marketing, a directory of thousands of general and specialty search engines, and a search engine books and services section.


Search Engine Marketing - The Essential Best Practice Guide

Learn the difference between Pay Per Click, Pay for Consideration, and Pay for Inclusion search engines and so much more in Mike Grehan's ground breaking e-book. It is no surprise that this e-book is highly recommended by some of the worlds leading search engine experts - this book is a must have for anybody interested in getting great rankings. Mike Grehan debunks most of the SEO myths and gets right down in to useful information.


Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Watch provides tips and information about searching the web, analysis of the search engine industry and help to site owners trying to improve their ability to be found in search engines. The site was created by Danny Sullivan, an Internet consultant and journalist who continues to maintain the site for He is assisted by associate editor Chris Sherman.


Google Ranking Secrets Revealed

In this web-based, no-hype guide, Grant Neilson reveals his simple step-by-step search engine optimization strategy that anyone can use to get a front page ranking on Google. Get ready to become a search engine optimization 'insider'. What Grant is about to teach you are the actual secrets that he has used to get unlimited daily traffic for over 350 of his clients from Google.

Google Ranking Secrets Revealed"Hi Grant! As a seasoned Internet Consultant for businesses, I have been involved with marketing and Internet branding companies on the web. Every web site that I manage and develop began with incorporating Search Engine Optimization -- an immensly important and often overlooked design consideration -- into the planning stage of every project.

After reviewing your guide, I can say that it takes all of the important aspects for reaching a top ranking in Google and puts them into a clear, consice, easy to follow step by step guide. From experience I can say that your formula will boost traffic for almost any site that was designed following the information in this guide. Anyone that wants more traffic should have this guide in their hands"

Eric Bonnici, BSc.

Copyrighting is an important aspect of your sites success. I recommend taking a look at the Step by Step Copyrighting Course!

Also have a look at The Nitty-gritty of Writing for the Search Engines.



Number One Reason Why You Must Trade Links and Proven Strategies To Get Started Today.

A free 18 page report that focuses on getting targeted traffic to your site with reciprocal links by following a detailed easy to follow step by step formula used by Internet experts.

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