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Web Metrics and Analysis: A Resource Page

Using Web Metrics To Improve Your Web Site
by Eric Bonnici BSc. AJ2000.

This article gives an overview of the importance of understanding what our site visitors are doing at our site, why we need that information and what we should do with it.


Web Measurement and Analytics: Understanding what it is, how to do it and the vendor marketplace
by Ashley Friedlein CEO of e-consultancy.

This report gives you comprehensive information on all the web measurement approaches and techniques, what works best, and how to run a successful web metrics project. The sample version is free and includes the Understanding The Vendor Marketplace Chapter and 2 vendor profiles, ClickStream and ClickTracks, out of the 12 they review.


Maximixe The ROI of Your Search Engine Marketing by Measuring Beyond Click-Through by Fredrick Marckini of iProspect.

WebTrends and iProspect CEO Fredrick Marckini discuss how to effectively measure the Return on Investment from your Search Engine Marketing Efforts.




Number One Reason Why You Must Trade Links and Proven Strategies To Get Started Today.

A free 18 page report that focuses on getting targeted traffic to your site with reciprocal links by following a detailed easy to follow step by step formula used by Internet experts.

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